Little Home’s Wayanad resort recommends the top 10 things to do on your Wayanad holiday


Top 5 tourist spots around Little Home’s Wayanad resort:

  1. Water sports just 7 km from our Wayanad resortWalk, ride and play on Pookot Lake: Pookot lake in Wayanad is a lot of fun! If you reach early enough, you can try many water sports – Zorbing, Cycling on water, Kayaking, Rafting and Pedal/Row boating. Everyone can do it.  There are trained guides, imported equipment and life jackets available too.

    Pookot Lake is 7 km from Little Home’s Wayanad resort.

  2. Kuruvadweep is 55 km from our Wayanad resort Raft down to Kuruva Islands: A trip to the Kuruva Islands will be a rare experience for the whole family. Raft down Kabani river on bamboo rafts and explore the islands. These islands are home to some very rare orchids, herbs, birds and animals. You may even spot a few crocodiles on the banks!

    Kuruva Islands is 55 km from Little Home’s Wayanad resort.

  3. Speedboating in Banasura Sagar Dam, 29 km from our Wayanad resort Go speeding at Banasura Sagar Dam: Experience the thrill of speed boating. Speed through the river enjoying the breath-taking view of the Banasura Hills, half-submerged islands and luxuriant forests. You’ll know why everyone goes gaga over Banasura Sagar Dam.

    Banasura Sagar Dam is 29 km from Little Home’s Wayanad resort.

  4. Chembra peak is a 19km trek from our Wayanad resort Trek to Chembra Peak: Trek to the highest peak in Wayanad with your friends and family. It’s a long trek, but both amateurs and professionals enjoy it thoroughly.

    Chembra peak can be reached by a 19 km trek from Little Home’s Wayanad resort.

  5. Rich wildlife 45 km away from our Wayanad resortKids’ Day Out: Spotting wild animals in their natural habitat and the Elephant Safari at Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary in Wayanad will be a real treat for your kids.

    Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary is 45 km from Little Home’s Wayanad resort.

Top 5 things to do at Little Home’s Wayanad resort

  1. A discovery walk around our Wayanad resort Take a plantation tour: Walk through our plantation and discover many shades of green. Listen to the sounds of nature. Share the joy of spotting rare birds, butterflies, squirrels and honeycombs. Get a whiff of cinnamon. Feel the sweet air awakening your senses. Smell the coffee bean. Discover waterfalls. Hear your children’s laughter when they sit on rocks and dip their little toes in streams. Cool your mind.

  2. Traditional kitchen at our Wayanad resort Take a cooking lesson: Come into our kitchen and watch us cook your favourite dishes. Enjoy the aromas, get tips and recipes, listen to stories, and try your hand. 


  3. Private dining at our Wayanad resortEnjoy a private candle light dinner: Gift your love a surprise. See the spark. Rekindle your romance. Feel special. Get inspired. Make the dream come true.

  4. A crackling bonfire at our Wayanad resort Celebrate by the bonfire: Gather around a crackling bonfire and enjoy Wayanad’s misty nights. Have a sing-song party. Try a bonfire barbecue with the day’s catch.

  5. Relax at the resortDon’t go out: Spend an entire day at the resort. Start the day at your balcony, watching the majestic Western Ghats shrouded in morning mist. Watch the glory of sunrise and listen to nature’s symphonies. Experience the peace of an unhurried day. Have a delicious breakfast.  Walkabout. Come back to our manicured lawns and enjoy hot coffee. Savour a Wayanad style lunch. Try fishing; learn some local tricks. Play badminton. Create memories for your children. Relax. Sleep like a baby.

  6. Relax at the resortRow boat facility.

  7. Relax at the resortBarbecue.