A holiday in Wayanad? How about staying at the tastiest resort in Wayanad?



These are a few comments from some of our guests. And how happy we are when we hear this!


But then, it’s difficult to say what you’d like the most at our resort. Because Little Home Resort in Wayanad stands in a gorgeous corner. It just fills all your senses with nature. When you go to bed, you fall asleep to a lullaby of waterfalls. When you wake up, you experience tranquility and complete peace. The only sounds that you hear, come from the world of birds just outside your window. As you walk to the balcony and sip your morning coffee, you see a glorious sunrise slowly clearing the mist to unveil the majestic Western Ghats. At Little Home Resort in Wayanad, it is the dawn of yet another day filled with pleasant little surprises from nature and happy smiles.

4 reasons why you’d absolutely love your stay at Little Home Resort in Wayanad

  1. Yummy food!
  2. Personal attention
  3. Fun trips :)
  4. Rich heritage site

Take a yummy holiday at Little Home Resort in Wayanad

Take a yummy holiday at Little Home Resort in Wayanad:

Food is what we are really passionate about. Freshly caught fish, crabs, prawns and mussels, the sweetest of all coconuts, toddy tapped early in the morning, fresh spices from our plantations, home grown greens - all blend in our pots to create the most mouth watering food that you’ve ever had.

Warm hospitality at Little Home Resort in Wayanad

Get personal attention:

With a handful of lovely cottages, this resort is just the right place for a great family holiday in Wayanad. It offers you all the comforts of a resort and the warmth of a homestay. Whether you need a local guide to go with you on your trek or an escort to the local market, or a bonfire, we will be happy to meet your wish.

Day trips and picnics in Wayanad

Day trips and picnics in Wayanad:

Little Home Resort is just 8 km away from Kalpetta (If you are coming from Bangalore, you will pass through Kalpetta), the district headquarters of Wayanad. Spectacular waterfalls, sparkling streams, historic Stone Age sites, picturesque picnic spots and wildlife sanctuaries are all just a short drive away from Little Home Resort.

Western Ghats view from our resort in Wayanad

Stay on the fringes of a UNESCO Heritage Site:

Little Home Resort is in the midst of a coffee plantation on the Western Ghats. Which means, this is one of the greatest places on Earth to appreciate the wonders of nature. In fact, the Western Ghats is the one and only UNESCO world heritage natural site in South India. UNESCO says that it is “home to at least 325 globally threatened flora, fauna, bird, amphibian, reptile and fish species.”