Which will be your favourite dish at Little Home Resort, Wayanad?

We would love to hear your food preferences. Because, at Little Home Resort, Wayanad, we like to serve what you like to eat. At our breakfast table, most of our guests enjoy appams with Fish Moli (fish cooked in a delicately flavoured cream of coconut milk), Bamboo Puttu (layers of pound rice alternating with grated coconut, steamed in a cylindrical, hollow bamboo stem) with kadala curry (Bengal Gram curry) or idiyappams (string hoppers) with Egg Roast.

But if you are someone who enjoys local cuisines, it will be a good idea to try our seasonal puzhukku (a popular dish, made from softly cooked tapioca or jack fruit). And just in case your family prefers a traditional fare of idlis with a red, green and white chutney or dosa and sambar, yes, we’d be happy to make it just the way you like it. 

Wayanadan chicken curry Kerala Puttu and Kadala Kerala Fish Fry Kerala Ada

What makes food at Little Home Resort, Wayanad so delicious?

One thing that’s special about Little Home Resort, Wayanad is that we are really passionate about food. Food is cooked slowly, over firewood, in clay pots. Just the way our grandma does it. But the real magic, perhaps, comes from our spices. Nothing beats the aromas and flavours of Wayanad’s freshly ground spices.
If you love cooking, you are welcome to our kitchen too. We can take you to the local markets and help you buy the right ingredients.

Make sure you try these dishes at Little Home Resort, Wayanad

Your stay at Little Home Resort, Wayanad is a golden chance to enjoy the delicacies of Malabari cuisine. The cuisine is truly unique because it is a blend of Arabic, French, native and tribal cuisines. It is a sanctuary for lovers of spicy, non-vegetarian food.
But the most popular of all is the Malabari Biriyani. It is an all-time favourite of almost everyone! The subtle aromas and flavours of Malabari Biriyani, with layers of meat and rice steamed with the right condiments, can linger in your memory for a long, long time.

Ask for these local favourites at Little Home Resort, Wayanad

Don’t leave Little Home Resort, Wayanad until you’ve had at least some of these:



Kozhippidi at Little Home Resort, Wayanad
Another local favourite. A delicious mix of rice and chicken cooked with cinnamon, onions, ginger, green chillies, coconut and curry leaves. A complete meal in itself.



Irachi pathal

Irachipathal at Little Home Resort, Wayanad
A yummy mix of  boneless meat, greens and a gentle masala sandwiched between two layers of thick rice pancakes and steamed in plantain leaf. An ideal breakfast dish before you set out on a long sight-seeing tour of Wayanad.




Unnakaya at Little Home Resort, Wayanad
An unforgettable evening snack for those with a sweet tooth. A coconut-sugar-raisin mixture with a touch of cardamom wrapped in a soft paste of sweet, steamed bananas and deep fried to form golden brown cocoons. It can’t get any better!



Aadu attipathal

Aadu attipathal at Little Home Resort, Wayanad
A must-try for those who love mutton. Layers of softy cooked boneless mutton gently flavoured with spices and sandwiched between rice rotis. Finally, steamed inside a plantain leaf to create a truly unique blend of flavours.  Try this with hot coffee at Little Home Resort, Wayanad.



Ilayil ada

Ilayil ada at Little Home Resort, Wayanad
This is what children in Wayanad ask their grandmas when they get back home from school. A tasty, steamed sweet dish made with rice flour, jiggery, coconut and cardamom




Kumbilappam at Little Home Resort, Wayanad
This unpretentious sweet will keep you coming back to Wayanad for more. Fully ripe and unbelievably sweet jackfruit is slow cooked in a traditional ‘uruli’ with jaggery, coconut, ghee and cardamom.



Egg cutlets

Egg cutlets at Little Home Resort, Wayanad
Golden brown egg cutlets with an outer crunchy crust and a soft filling of cooked and mashed potatoes, egg yolk and coriander leaves.



Chicken curry

Wayanad chicken curry at Little Home Resort, Wayanad
A specialty chicken dish of Wayanad. Succulent pieces of chicken cooked with spices, chillies and curry leaves in coconut milk. Goes well with white rice and chapathis.



Njandu varattiyathu or Crab roast

Crab roast at Little Home Resort, Wayanad
Fresh, river water crabs of Wayanad flavored with spices, green chillies and curry leaves. The perfect choice for lunch, with white rice.



Kappa biriyani or Tapioca biriyani

Kappa biryani at Little Home Resort, Wayanad
A dish made with tapioca, meat and bones. Tapioca gets cooked in the juices from bones and creates an unforgettable taste. This is a traditional favorite of Wayanad.


Chembinthaal or Yam-stem curry

Chembinthaal tribal curry at Little Home Resort, Wayanad
A simple tribal dish with fresh, tender stems of yam cooked in a paste of coconut, ginger and green chillies.



Kallummakkai or Kadukka

Kallummakkai at Little Home Resort, Wayanad
A dish that all sea food lovers should definitely try when they are in Wayanad



Arikadukka or Kadukka nirachathu or Stuffed Mussels

Stuffed mussels at Little Home Resort, Wayanad
Fresh mussels stuffed with a filling of ground rice, shallots and spices and deep fried. Fresh mussels stuffed with a filling of ground rice, shallots and spices and deep fried. A mouth-watering snack highly popular in Wayanad.